Blogging is one of the best free methods for getting targeted traffic to visit our squeeze page.  We already have our domain name and hosting account.  Now, we have to setup a Word Press blog. There are many video tutorials on how to set up a Word Press blog on the net.  We have to post new and fresh content daily at least twice, the more the better, always with a link or two to our squeeze page. We are going to add our auto-responder opt-in form at the side bar of our blog as well.


A Word Press blog always gets traffic. Whatever we post on our blog, there will be visitors to read it. We are going to post content related to our gift if we want targeted traffic at our opt-in form. Let’s say our gift is a report on list building. We should post contents that are related to listing building. This way, the reader will know what to expect from our gift before they opt-in.  That makes them a targeted prospect, and we can consider them our valuable leads.


We have to write our content that we are going to post at our blog. The interesting thing is, most of us think that we do not have any writing ability what-so-ever.  But in the end, most of us (Internet marketers) become  pretty good writers! The thing is, we can write if we try to write. Initially, it won’t be easy but with practice and persistence, it comes out fine! We cannot write, say on list building, if we do not know anything about list building. The key here is to find valuable contents on list building and read and research the subject.  We can always write or rewrite on an issue of list building in our own words if we know about it.


There is the alternate way to get content if we do not want to write ourselves. We can invest some money to get content written by others. It may cost $3- $10 for a 500 word article. There are marketplaces for these writers often called “ghost writers.” We can find them at, or even at Another good place for cheap content is Here we can get a 500 word article for $3 apiece.


Traffic generation with blogging is the most stable way to get targeted traffic. This method alone could fulfill our target of 45 subscribers per day.  Setting up a blog with the first content may not bring expected visitors. But the number of visitors grow very fast if we post our contents regularly. Visitors increase with the age of the blog as well. Overtime it collects visitors from search engines.

The ey to the success with the blogging is the consistency; that is posting fresh content at regular intervals.  That being said, there are many rules, good practices, techniques, tricks and tips for blogging successfully. Going through a course on blogging is a good idea to take full advantage of blogging. I recommend the best course in the current market named, “Blogging Guru.”

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