How to Make BIG Money From a Free E-Book

Want to know how to make a lot of money? Give something away for free!

This might sound mad but actually it’s a tried and true strategy that has been a hallmark of business since time immemorial.

Just think about Starbucks – often you’ll pass one of their stores and find they’re passing out tasters of their various coffees or cakes. Of course the reasoning behind this is that you’ll be able to see how delicious they are and then in future you’ll think about visiting.

In other words, they are demonstrating their value to you so that you’ll be more interested in going in in future.

Bloggers do this all the time too: by providing free content on your website, you demonstrate the value you’re capable of offering and this in turn gives your audience more reason to want to buy from you when you tell them you’re selling a course or an e-book.

But why not go even further with it… why not give the e-book away for free?

Why This Plan is Just Crazy Enough to Work

The thing is, we’re used now to getting free content when we visit websites. This is nothing new, it’s not exciting and we don’t tend to get especially excited about it.

On the other hand though, we’re used to paying for our e-books.

So when someone sends you a completely free e-book, when you find one online, or when you find one on Amazon – you’ll probably download it. And this is especially true if it sounds genuinely good and if you really think that it can help you to lose weight/make money/find love or do whatever it is that it’s promising to do.

And once you’ve downloaded this free book, you will probably read it.

Monetizing the Ebook

And as an affiliate marketer you have a very easy way to monetize that: by offering links to a number of products you can recommend throughout the book and really sell. Now you know your audience is interested in what you’re promoting and all you have to do is make it sound great and give them the link.

If you have a mailing list then this is a fantastic strategy: just e-mail your list and say ‘check out this completely free book as a thank you’. What’s even better is that your audience will be grateful and see it as a kind favour!

How to Maximize your Affiliate Profits

In this post I am going to give you my top tips for maximizing your Affiliate  profits.

Here are the 3 big tips I would like to leave you all with on ways to maximize your Affiliate profits, just like the most successful affiliates do:
3 Things Affiliate Marketer Need To Survive Online,How to Maximize your Affiliate Profits
Tip 1: Promote Our Highest-Converting Offers

Why waste your traffic? Maximize your sales by promoting our highest converting offers.

If you think you can get 1-100 clicks for your promotion, then promote our a low ticket offer(offcourse with upsells). If you think you can get more than 100 clicks, then promote a middle ticket:

Tip 2: There is No “Best” Traffic Source — Use the Traffic Source You are Most Comfortable With

A question I got asked a lot with most of person who are just starting out: “What’s the best traffic source for promoting affiliate products?” The answer I always gave is that there is no single best traffic source. Instead, the ideal traffic source is always the one you have the most experience with and feel comfortable using.

If you don’t have a traffic source that you’re already familiar with (such as Facebook ads, solo ads or SEO), then pick one that sounds interesting and spend time studying, testing and mastering it. If you find it interesting, you’ll be more likely to push through the learning curve.

Tip #3: Don’t Cut Corners With Your Marketing and Campaigns

If you are thinking of starting a website, you might not want to bother creating one with your own domain/hosting. It might sound tempting to use a free Blogger site. My advice? Don’t.

It is a mistake, because not taking basic steps like buying your own domain is going to instantly destroy any trust that anyone has in you the moment they land on your free website. Would you trust someone trying to teach you internet marketing on a free Blogger blog?

This idea — of the dangers of not putting in the effort where it will show — applies to lots of aspects of affiliate marketing, including using creative commons videos instead of making your own for YouTube, or buying cheap and poorly written articles instead of writing them yourself or hiring a competent blogger. Doing this is a waste of time because (again) it REMOVES trust and hurts your sales pitch. Put the work in, and set up your websites/campaigns right the first time.

Here is a bonus tip: Sending emails to a subscriber list you’ve built yourself is the easiest and best way to generate sales. Click here to get a done for you list building system, get the system and start building your online business the right way.

How to Create Your PDF Report in 10 Steps

Do you wan´t to create a free pdf report to give away to your list? Don’t worry if you think this is too much work. I’m gonna show you how you can create a freebie in 10 steps.

  1. You need an idea for your freebie.

Take a look at the product you’re going to sell. What’s the main benefit? What is it about? Can you take away a portion of it?

For example, if you’re promoting a landing page software, then you can create a PDF report about landing page optimization. That’s a great match!

  1. Think of a cool 2 – 3 words NAME related to your paid product.

Something really enticing and memorable, for example, Optin Burst. That’s just an idea.

3.Get an e-cover for your freebie

Quickly go to Header5Buck at to get an e-cover done for your freebie for $5. He is my #1 recommendation for all your e-cover needs. His design is SICK!

You can also ask the vendor for the flat cover. We’re going to put this as cover page for your PDF report.

  1. Get a Word Processor

We need to have a Word Processor that can print word document into PDF. You can download OpenOffice here if you don’t have one.

5.Start typing heading

In your word processor, type out all the main headings that you’re going to cover in your PDF from the beginning to the end.


6.Type subheadings

Now, for each heading, type out all the subheadings.


  1. It is time to write

Writing time! Use your subheadings as guideline. As you write, do NOT worry about grammatical error. Just write. Feel as if you’re filling in the blank.


  1. Edit it

When you’re finished, you can do some editing. Fix all your grammatical and spelling errors.

IMPORTANT: You will also put your product recommendation and presell your email course at the beginning and at the end of the report.


  1. Take your finished e-cover and flat design from Fiverr.

It usually takes about 24 hours for the designer to finish your cover, but by that time you should have finished your report! 😉

Put your flat design on the first page of your report! Save the document as PDF, them upload it to your server!


  1. Rinse and repeat for other freebies!

Yeah. 10 Steps and DONE! Your PDF reports doesn’t have to be time consuming at all. Each should not take more than 60 minutes to finish.


How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

It’s getting more and more difficult to spot affiliate marketing scams, BUT if you follow

these simple tips, you can avoid being scammed

How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

The internet is filed with people trying to get rich within a very short time. That said, there
are also several users on the internet who wake up on a daily basis to take advantage of
those looking to make easy money by promising them things that are nearly impossible to
deliver on. Don’t be that person who thinks that the internet has all the solutions to your
money problems. As they say, hard work forever pays so be prepared to earn your pay.
Affiliate marketing has presented a new frontier for internet scammers to prey on the
unsuspecting public. How then can you spot these scams and avoid the stress of losing
your money to people who only want to take advantage of you?

Genuine programs do not require joining fees

Maybe you have come across those affiliate programs on the internet that ask you to pay
some joining fee. They conveniently ask you to do so using your credit card. Those are
scams that you should completely avoid. If a business wants to partner with you then why
should you pay a joining fee? Isn’t the business interested in increasing sales and therefore
should be the one to make efforts in finding publishers? Do not pay any fee to join an
affiliate program because a genuine merchant will never ask you for cash to be part of the
system. Your credit card information may be stolen and none of the promises made to you
by the scammers will be delivered.

Promises of big income with little work

Some merchants will try to show you how you can be a millionaire within a few days. If that
were the case then they’d be relaxing somewhere on a beach enjoying their wealth instead
of convincing people to join their programs on the internet. Nothing comes easy and you
must be prepared to work hard. Anyone who promises you otherwise is simply trying to
play games on you and should be avoided. These scammers will purport to show you
successful affiliates who have made it big by participating in their programs. They will
display figures and statistics to try and convince you that their claims are true. One thing is
for sure, if those assertions were true, the merchant wouldn’t even need to talk about his
program because information travels fast and people would be flocking to it.

Educate yourself

Knowledge is power and if you are armed with information, nobody can take advantage of
you. Most people get scammed on the internet because the fraudsters prey on their
ignorance. Learn about the basics of affiliate marketing so that whenever you are
confronted with such a scenario, you can’t be a victim because you already have all the
relevant information. Many people also just hop onto search engines without any idea of
what they are looking for. Arm yourself with knowledge and use it as a weapon against
internet scammers.

Those were tips on how to spot affiliate marketing scams and remember anyone can make a

career out of affiliate marketing but not everyone who attempts to
succeeds. You should be ready to work hard and choose those programs that are genuine
and that will provide you with an opportunity to grow.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

We are living in the age of technology and information. The world is basically a global
village thanks to different communication platforms such as social media sites and mobile
telephony. Affiliate marketing is a concept that has been built primarily on the platform of
information communication and technology. What are some of its benefits?

Cost effective

To the entrepreneur, marketing costs are considered a necessary evil because they
consume a lot of resources but still have to be incurred all the same. You can’t create
brand awareness and increase the number of sales without properly investing in product
marketing. Internet marketing has provided businesses with a great way of running
marketing campaigns while cutting down on costs. Affiliate marketing is even better at this
because you only pay the affiliates or publishers depending on the number of sales made.
Without creating conversions, the affiliates earn no pay and the business does not incur
unnecessary expenses.


Using minimal resources, you can reach a high number of customers. The program is
efficient because it makes use of the internet and social media sites that are frequented by
several potential customers. The traditional methods are expensive and may not even
reach the target market. A consumer is more likely to notice an advertisement on the
internet as opposed to other media such as billboards and radio.

Home based business

It’s always nice to be your own boss. The challenge that most people and especially young
people face is the lack of capital to start a new venture. Affiliate marketing does not need a
premise or capital to start. As long as you have a computer and access to the internet, you
can be well on your way to self-employment and financial freedom. It is an ideal way to
generate capital and also find your footing as you begin your journey to self-employment.
It is also a perfect home-based business that can give you some good income.

Little or no experience

Once you learn the basic concepts of affiliate marketing, you can succeed in it as long as
you are willing to put in work and learn along the way. You don’t have to posses experience
to successfully participate in an affiliate program. There are a lot of resources available
even on the internet to help you find your way through.

Ability to track the effects of a marketing campaign

It is very difficult to determine the exact impact of most marketing campaigns but with the
affiliate program, that is very much possible. A marketing team can keep track of the sales
generated as a result of the marketing efforts and change strategies if the situation
warrants it. It is always important to asses the direct impacts of a marketing campaign
because if that is not done, a company may spend a lot of resources for nothing. It is also
possible to get instant feedback from customers and that helps so much in improving
customer service by designing products and services that match their preferences.

These are some of the benefits of the affiliate marketing program that merchants,
publishers and even customers can get to enjoy.

How Can One Find Affiliate Programs?

I think one of the most fundamental questions that most people interested in becoming
affiliates ask is about where to find products to promote. There are several affiliate
programs available but it’s always advisable to choose what would best work for you. That
increases the possibility of becoming successful in the venture because it reduces the
strain caused by pushing brands that you are not comfortable with. These are some of the
best ways to find a suitable affiliate program for beginners and even for those who are
already considered veterans in the sector.

Well established affiliate networks

This would be the most ideal place to start because such networks are usually well
organized and trusted. Well established networks are typically large and have existing
relationships with some of the biggest brands. Chances are that if you are searching for an
affiliate program to drive the sales of a common brand, you’ll most likely find it being run
through established affiliate networks. Some of these networks include but not limited to:

1. Linkshare

2. Commission Junction

3. Shareasale

4. Pepperjam Network

5. Google affiliate networks

6. JVzoo

7. Warriorplus

Such networks are great because they have a well established working relationship with
the big companies that pay good money. It’s a safe place for a beginner to start his or her
affiliate marketing career. They charge the merchants commissions for linking them up
with affiliates which means that your pay as a publisher will be relatively reduced to carter
for their commission payment.

Familiar product

You can always start by promoting a brand that you use yourself or are well aware of. It’s
always easy to sell what you already believe in as opposed to just trying to convince
customers to buy a product that you’ve never even used before. You can check the sites of
your favorite brands and see if they have affiliate programs. It’s a safe bet and somehow a
familiar ground even for beginners.

Independent affiliate programs

These are programs that are run by the merchants themselves using affiliate software to
take care of the technical aspects of the system. In some cases, they may outsource
program managers to manage the affiliate program as they concentrate on core business
functions. The advantage of independent affiliate networks is that the pay is much better
since they don’t use middle men. However if the program is not properly managed it can
be a disaster due to lack of creativity and delayed payments. They are still the best though
especially if you find one that is well managed and pays attention to the needs of the
publishers. They are not easy to find but you can use keywords on search engines to find

e-product networks

These promote products that are downloaded rather than shipped like e-books and other
programs. Some of these networks include Clickbank, e-junkie and Avangate. Just make
sure that the product you are promoting will give customers value for money and it’s not
just some way to mint cash out of them through false advertising. Most e-products have
this issue.

These are some of the ways in which you can find and join an affiliate program. They are
not exhaustive but they are among some of the best options.

7 Tips to Help Beginners To Become Successful Affiliates

Anyone can find success in affiliate marketing but not every person who joins such a
program succeeds. It’s all about using the available resources to achieve the best possible
results. These are some of the tips that can help beginners become successful affiliates and
make some good income from such ventures.

1. Curve out a niche

This is a very critical factor in affiliate marketing. It is important that you identify a specific
market or segment that you want to work in and then focus on that. Curving out a niche for
yourself means choosing what works best for you and an area that can actually give you
good income. The internet has so many users and the competition for attention is always

2. Carefully select your merchants

It is important to carry out thorough research before agreeing to work with a specific
merchant. This is because those who sell consumers inferior products risk losing future
business opportunities. Even if you played no part in manufacturing the product, as a
publisher, customers will still hold you responsible as the person who introduced the
product to them. You should also work with merchants who are reputable and actually pay
commissions on time. Can you imagine constantly following up with a company to remit
your dues even after you’ve brought it business? It’s utterly frustrating and demoralizes the
affiliates. Work with a brand that holds up its end of the deal without additional pressure.

3. Use captivating content

When promoting products on your website, customers first get to interact with other
content before being directed to a link and ultimately the merchant’s website. That means
that the content that you create for visitors to your site should be relevant and captivating
so that they feel convinced enough to click on the link and eventually buy the product. First
impressions are everything and if you don’t get them right then your marketing attempts
will always flop.

4. Keep track of results

Do not just push for sales without analyzing your performance. Tracking your results
includes monitoring feedback from consumers and checking the amount of sales made on
a monthly basis. This will help you make a decision on whether you need a new marketing
strategy or if it’s time to find another merchant. You can’t keep on selling a product that
people just don’t want to buy.

5. Dedication

Affiliate programs are great avenues for making money but success does not come easy for
a publisher. You must be dedicated and stay focused on building lasting networks and
increasing your customer base. Once that is done, the money will start rolling in and
realizing success will actually be possible. The problem with most beginners is that they
want to make quick money but are not willing to put in work.

6. Sell products that you believe in

It is very easy to sell a product that you’ve actually used yourself or believe in. You will be
making a sales pitch from an informed point of view and that always resonates well with

7. Update your site

To increase the visibility of your site by getting high rankings on search engines, you must
constantly update the contents using target key words and relevant information. That will
then help drive traffic to it.

How To Run Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns on Your Blog

A blog is fairly easy to set up. The most important thing is usually the functionality. Will
visitors find it easy to access the content that they need? Will they find the content useful?
How easy is it to use the different icons available on the site? These are some basic
questions that one must ask before setting up a blog. It therefore calls for a user-friendly
interface that can appeal to the different types of people that access your blog on a regular
basis. Over the last five years, blogs have become very popular. Not only have they given
several aspiring content creators a platform to grow their talent, they are also a part of
social media that makes communication and reaching of a target audience easier. What are
some of the principles to observe when using your blog to run affiliate marketing

1. Create a good first impression

What sort of vibe will visitors receive when they first visit your blog? This is important
because it sets the entire tone for subsequent engagements. Good first impressions will
encourage visitors to read the blog content and even click on the affiliate links. You
therefore also have to focus on the design so that it’s attractive and user-friendly. Too
many cluttered advertisements send the wrong signals to visitors. The first thing that will
come to mind is that you are only after making money. Let the headlines and lists portray
the blog as a place where visitors can actually find useful information.

2. Content before affiliate link

It’s like building a relationship. It takes time and a little convincing. Create content that is
useful to the customer before guiding them to an affiliate link. The information provided
will be enough to build trust and convince them to take a look at what the blog is
promoting. You should also make sure that the content created is tied to the product being

3. Promote genuine products

There is nothing more difficult to rebuild than trust once it’s lost. When customers click on
the affiliate links and then end up buying the products, they are in actual sense buying your
advice. You convinced them that the product was great and that’s why they made the
decision to purchase. If their expectations are not met, you will be viewed as a liar who is
only out to enrich himself or herself. Promote only genuine products on your blog, more so
those that you have already used. You can try and describe them well and at the same time
share your experience.

4. Focus on what brings you the most income

Do not fill your blog with adverts that will not bring you any meaningful income. Focus on
brands and products that will give you reasonable commission. After all, the reason why
you are carrying out affiliate marketing on your blog is so that you can make some cash.

5. Make use of a tools page

Such a page on your blog consists of useful links to products or websites that are related to
your area of specialization. Visitors can find these links helpful and discover products that
they were originally not looking for. It’s a win-win situation.

Ways of Earning Money Through Affiliate Marketing

There are basically three different ways in which one can earn income through affiliate
marketing. They revolve around the association of a publisher with the product and the

Involved affiliate marketing

This where you promote a product with a lot of authority because you’ve used it and have
enjoyed its benefits. When you post content on your blog, you speak to visitors on the
account of personal experience. This type of affiliate marketing is very effective because
most of the times, consumers find it more convincing. People will be willing to try out
something just because you as an influencer has used it and found it good. It is even more
effective when your blog or social media site has many followers. However this kind of
marketing comes with a lot of responsibility. You should only promote a product that you
are sure will provide some benefits to the consumers. It is very wrong to hype a brand only
for customers to be disappointed. They will hold you responsible and that is how your blog
and whatever else you decide to promote will go down the drain. Honesty is a very
important factor in affiliate marketing if you want to get repeat business and more

Related affiliate marketing

Any serious publisher must identify a niche and focus on it. Within that niche, there will be
products related to the ones that you are promoting. You can have links to such products
on your blog, social media sites, videos or podcasts. Visitors may come to your site because
of the products that you are promoting but they can also find additional products through
these links. You don’t have to have used the product in order to provide a link for it. That is
smart marketing because if a customer decides to click on the link and buy the product,
you’ll still earn your commission without much responsibility. You don’t hype the product
so if it turns out to be substandard, you will not bear much responsibility. This type of
affiliate marketing is good but it will not give you much income since the related products
are not your primary focus. Some visitors to your blog will not even notice the additional
links. It will still not cost you anything to earn a little extra money by having those links
displayed on your site.

Pay per click affiliate marketing

This is ideal for people who do not want to interact with end consumers at any level. In pay
per click affiliate marketing, you have no authority in the product niche that you are
promoting. All you do is ambush internet users with affiliate links via Facebook ads, Twitter
ads and Google Adwords among others in the hope that they’ll click on them and
eventually buy the products. This method of affiliate marketing is more of a gamble
because customers find it a lot more easy to buy products introduced to them by familiar
affiliates. Pay per click may sound easy but it really is not. Some people find success with it
and that is okay because at the end of the day you’ll have earned your income.

Best Places To Have Affiliate Links

Strategy is always important in everything that you do. Let your actions be deliberate and
characterized by well thought out plans. It therefore begs the question, which is the best
place to have the affiliate links? Do not just throw the links at customers without a proper
plan. The trick is usually to have a build up to the specific links so that visitors arrive at
them “naturally” without being forced.

Naturally within blog posts

I use the term “naturally” because the links should fit well within the blog content to an
extent that the reader sees them as part and parcel of the post. When you force a link
within a post, it may portray you as someone who is trying too had to sell a product.
Because of psychology, most people assume that a good product does not need a lot of
selling, only inferior products do. Use the blog content to buy the trust of customers first. It
will then not be difficult to convince them to click on the links. The need to provide
information should be the key priority and customers should believe that even if deep
inside you just want to make some sales. You can make the links noticeable or very subtle
depending on what works best for you.

Within e-products

Electronic products such as e-books and programs are some of the best places to have
affiliate links. This is much simpler if you are able to create your own e-products. As you
make money by selling them, you also earn commission through the affiliate system. It’s
pretty much easy to convince customers to check out a link if the products that they had
already bought matched or exceeded their expectations.

Side banner ads

This is another ideal way to avail affiliate links to customers. They are hard to miss and the
best part is that you’ll be using your own site so you don’t have to pay for advertisement.
Serious merchants will even provide you with the necessary graphics to use. You however
need to carry out a test run first. If the ads are not getting meaningful clicks, you can always
take them down to reduce the amount of clutter on the site.

Resource page

Here you provide affiliate links of related products. The resource page can prove to be a
powerful tool for earning extra income. To put a little more weight, you can offer short
explanations so that a customer can have an idea of what he or she is getting into. These
products do not necessarily have to be your primary focus but because they are related to
whatever product that you are selling, customers can always find them relevant.

As time goes by, you’ll gather sufficient experience to know what works best for you.
Always keep tabs on your results because by evaluating your progress, you can find better
strategies to help you make more sales. Never be afraid to try something new if the
familiar is not working for you. It’s always a learning process until you find the best working

5 Common Affiliates Mistakes That Could Costing You Money

As you know by now is that Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to start making money online,but if you just started out it is very easy to make these 5 common affiliates mistakes and those mistakes can cost you a fortune.In these article i am going to tell you 5 common affiliate mistakes and how you can avoid them.

5 Common  Affiliates Mistakes That Could Costing You Money

5 Common  Affiliates Mistakes are:

Mistake #1: Not including screenshots in reviews/articles
Most affiliate marketers they don’t include screenshots in reviews/articles,these make those article look untrustworth,in order to fix this when you write a review for a product go to the vendor and take some screenshots and use them in your articles.
Mistake #2: Linking to the homepage instead of sales page.

Most new affiliate marketers tend to make this mistake a lot(i did it),make sure you link to the vendor sales page using your affiliate link and not their home page,this will increase your convertion ratio.

Mistake #3: Not including a clear call to action (CTA)

After writing an article or an email you need always to include a clear call to action,you need to tell your prospects what to do after reading your article or email.

Mistake #4: Not tracking your affiliate links

In control engineering (by the way i am a control engineer) we have a say that you can’t control what you can measure,you need to track every click you send to the vendor and this will help you to know your earning per click(EPC).

Mistake #5: Creating low-quality articles, videos and content.
Google robots they are getting smarter every day and in order to stand out and get free traffic from the big G you need to start producing high quality articles and publish them to your blog/website.Most affiliate marketers they really don’t do this and they try to trick google and they end up loosing everything.

Those where 5 common affiliate mistakes and you should do everything to avoid them,by the way if you are still new in this affiliate marketing arena there is the easiest way to start and this is by letting somebody with experience in affiliate marketing do everything for you,if you want to get it just go to and check it out.