Auto Responder

Auto responder service is really a ‘must have’ service included in an Internet marketer’s box of tools. Together with your subscription for this on-line service, the marketer can put up a contact message to automatically be sent to his / her list each week to stay in touch with their subscribers.

Here are a few tactics I have discovered that work well:
When employing your auto responder to recommend the purchase of a service or product, you need to be careful the way you word your messages. Keep building on what your prospect’s problem is and how your service or product can solve that problem for them.
In your first email, welcome them and thank them for subscribing to your list. Let them know the benefits they’ll receive from you, such as: free ebooks, free audio recordings and free computer software. You’re getting them to truly like you and build trust. Don’t sell them anything in the very first email message.
In the 2nd email to your list, send them 2-3 links where they are able to visit sites to obtain free related products to your niche but, this time around, make your second and third links ‘affiliate links’ from other marketers’ websites you have joined as an affiliate.
They are still free products and services, such as: free membership to a website that provides many free items. You hide your longer affiliate link using so you don’t tip them off. When they click on it (as they have become accustomed to do) they will go to the free membership site (or whatever item it is), get the free item and (hopefully) also buy one of the other items for sale.
In the 3rd email for them, send them 3 links where they are able to obtain a free software package, a totally free audio, or perhaps a free ebook. Again, you need to send them the 2nd and third link as a disguised affiliate link that you could earn a commission on.

This is the way you build your sales with auto-responder emails.
With each email message, make sure you are giving the client free information associated with the subject. It’s this that could keep them interested.
It is probable that, by the fourth email to your list, many people may have bought a few of the products and services available (i.e. those that are also offered by the free websites) and that you begin to see some commission payments enter your pay-pal account.
Remember, it’s a popular fact in marketing that visitors frequently need to be subjected to an offer seven times before they decide to purchase. Sales may begin slowly, but just getting it started is the biggest challenge.

Benefits Of E-Mail Marketing

Technology with its advent has taken a toll even in the field of marketing at last. E-mail also known as electronic mail, is now turning out as an indispensable medium of marketing on internet.

Benefits Of E-Mail Marketing

Internet as whole has a wide marketing area because of the fact that it is spread whole and wide over the whole word. This makes it accessible to almost every country and eventually to the people in the country. E-mails are very techno-savvy and more effective and fast. This is the reason that we can now see e-mails developing as an indispensable media of marketing.

Over the years people and corporate houses have started realizing the advantages of e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing carries a lot of advantages along with it. Some of the benefits are:

a) Speed:

This is the main factor as to why e-mail marketing is considered better and over the other Medias of marketing. E-mail marketing along with it brings the advantage of high speed. It has a very high speed of information transfer. It just takes a second for the person to transfer information from his working place to the internet worldwide, where everyone can view it worldwide.

b) Reach:

One another factor as to why e-mail marketing is considered a better option is because of the fact that it has a better reach to the people worldwide than the other medias of marketing. E-mail marketing knows no boundaries and this helps the people to continue or conduct their marketing work in larger scale. The higher reach of e-mail marketing, attracts more people towards it and thereby assists the whole marketing process.

c) Inexpensive:

E-mail marketing is comparatively much and more cheap than that of the other medias of   marketing. The people do not have to incur any special or extra cost to market their product or point of view.  Being inexpensive it suits the people and they thereby resort to e-mail marketing than the other Medias.

d) Effective:

E-mail marketing is very effective than all  other medias of marketing. The reason being, that they are very techno-savvy, very fast and still pretty cost effective. This whole package makes it  very cheap and pretty attractive. This is the reason that it is pretty effective and thus more approachable.

e) Personalized marketing:

Marketing via emails  avails the people the opportunity to avail and conduct personalized marketing. In this the people can send mails only to people whom they think that they would be interested in it. In this the mails will only be forwarded to people on whom the concern is interested.

Thus we see that why and how e-mail marketing has turned out to be an indispensable tool in marketing.

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Five Essentials to Ensure Email Marketing Success

When setting up an online business, internet marketing is the key to increase your online sales. One marketing strategy most commonly used is the email marketing. Targeting the right audience, a responsive and personal email would ensure success in your campaign.

Most email marketing fail because companies treat all recipients the same. To prevent similar mistakes, gather as much information as you can like including buying habits and geographic location of customers, etc. Strategize your campaign based on the information your get.

Making a visitor give their email address is not easy. To encourage your web visitors to disclose this information, make your intention obvious. Keep your terms clear and ensure confidentiality. Offering an enticement encourages customers to sign up with you. Make the offer subtle so that it will not look like a bribe to them. When they are ready to fill up your form, make it simple. Time-consuming processes will limit your business horizon.

The moment they sign up, send a thank you message that asks them to click a message to complete the whole process. This way you are able to confirm their email addresses and their intention in networking with you. Address them by names in your email messages. Be personal with your web visitors. Keeping this a practice increases the chance that your email will reach your target instead of going to the trash.

Keep your layout professional and simple. Do not overload it with flashy graphics. Make it as short yet relevant as possible. Your visitors do not have much time to read a lengthy product description. This is not the right time to give detailed account about your product or services. This type of layout usually overwhelms customers and your file goes to the trash bin immediately. If there is a need for you to explain further, include links to your copy. This way they go back to your landing page and seek for more information.

Ask for a definite action. Your call for action may include answering a survey form, clicking on a link or purchasing an item. Make sure that you have this in your internet marketing.

Choose a truthful and catchy subject for your email. Your subject will mostly determine the fate of your email marketing. The task of compelling your costumers to open and read your email lies mainly with it.

Get your campaign straight to customers to increase your conversion rate. Email marketing helps your business move forward and employing the right techniques will ensure that your email messages are on the right target. With these tips in mind, your marketing campaigns will turn to tangible sales.

Build Your Email List

build your email list

In order to build a email list, you first need to advertise the free bie that you are offering. With email list, you’re building a real online  business . What good would your business be if it was the exact same as all of other affiliates?

You need to customize not only the way you portray what you have to offer, but how we conduct your business. You need to have all important marketing tools to run your business, and if you use many different ones to advertise, You can reach all kinds of people.Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced marketer, you have many options to assist you in your business. Utilize the internet, word of mouth, as well as business cards or post cards to gain new leads.

With so many ways to earn if you have your email list, you are going to have people that are interested in totally different ways to earn. Some will be great at building their own business, while others will prefer not  to do anything. Some they will unsubscribe and leave your email list. No matter what they choose to use as their primary contribution to your list, cherish them. Your team NEEDS every single person that is on it, and you should do everything you can to help them succeed.

I am a firm believer that if you keep your your email list responsive, they will be happy to take action and follow your recommendations. Communicate regularly with your list,give them tips and encouragement, and if there is anything that you can possibly help them with. Many times it is a simple question or misunderstanding that once answered, will put them back on track to building their business and increase your income. No matter how many times that same question has been asked , give them an actual answer, and then include a link where they can find the information that you have shared with them. Be personable, and you will have the trust and respect from your subscribers.

Depending on how you word your responses, you can either motivate, or totally turn your email list off to working with you. No question is a bad question, if the person asking is unsure of the answer. Don’t ever assume that just because you are knowledgeable in one area, that all others are too. Speak to people the way you would want to be spoken to.

Advertise yout squeeze page  daily so that you can get new subscribers them daily if you can, or at the least, email weekly. Nobody will know what they are missing if you don’t put the word out there.

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Following up with a customer

Following up with a customer

Today I’m going to discuss a key factor in making the
most profits possible from your e-mail list.

Following up with a customer is simply contacting them
after the initial point of contact to make them a
customer that purchases again and again.

This is a marketing tactic that people have been using
for over 100 years to make more sales.

The fact is, following up with your potential
customers will bring more of them back to your offer
and many will buy from you multiple times after their
first purchase.

Why is this?

Studies have shown that 7 to 12 exposures to your
product, service or offer is needed for the majority
of people to buy the first time.

Once a person has become your customer and made a
first purchase is even easier to get them to purchase
again and again in the future

One of the best ways to get your customers buying from
you again and again is to know exactly what they want.

Once you know what your customers want the best way to
get them to love you and want to spend money with you
is to write to them just like you would speak to them
if you are sitting next to them on the couch.

Tell them who you are and how you can help make their
life easier, and then make sure to close all of your
contact with them with a personal message from you that
comes from your heart.

Letting your customers know that your real person with
little problems just like them will help them relate
to you as a friend when it comes to taking your advice
on purchasing products that can help them.

More to come…

Email Marketing “Golden Rules”

Email Marketing "Golden Rules"

Today I’m going to talk about the “golden rules” of email marketing.

This article will teach you how to create a proper follow up, proper follow up is the key to owning a responsive list.

But most people get this wrong.

So I’m going to break down a list of rules you must follow if you want to get it right the first time…

1. Create “Micro Lists”

One super way to follow up with your customers  and make sure they are incredibly targeted to  whatever it is that  you’re trying to sell is to  create micro-lists for each of your products.

This way when you do follow-up you’re exactly on  target with your customers wants and needs.

2. Mail Regularly

Another important thing to remember is that you need to be sure you mail regularly.

Your prospects will tend to forget who you are if you don’t mail them on a regular basis with great cutting edge new content that may help them in your  niche.

Ideally, mail every 1-2 days for the first few days someone subscribes so that they get used to receiving
email from you and recognizing your name. Then every 3 days thereafter with a minimum of once per week.

Side note – when I say “mail”, I don’t mean to send 100% promotional emails. Send email that is of value too .

3. Monitor Trends

You need to be monitoring trends that are happening  in your industry and keep your customers up-to-date  on what’s new and exciting regarding your products.

4. Test

Another thing to do is low scale testing of your  e-mails before you roll them out to your entire  customer base.

Write your e-mail and only send it to a small portion  of your customer list to make sure that it converts  clicks before you send it to your entire list.

If it doesn’t work change it up a bit and try another  test until you get the ideal results, then blast it  out to your entire customer database.

5. Don’t Make Them Jump Through Hoops

Never send your *customers* to a landing page or a  “squeeze page” and make them opt in to get your info.

They are already on your e-mail list so why would you  make them subscribe again? Just send them directly
to the information you promised in your e-mail. The only exception is.. if you’re putting them on a “micro list”.

There you have it… 5 rules for effective email marketing. I’m only scratching the surface of ways that you
can increase your profits from your e-mail list.

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