Most Important Blog Writing tips

Do you want to write an awesome blog post?

If the answer is yes, then you should keep reading because in this post I am going to share with you most important blog writing tips that my mentor told me.

Most Important Blog Writing tips

When you write a blog post there are a lot of things to take consider, you should make sure that you have an attention grabbing headline, a good introduction, a great content and a call to action, all those good stuffs.

All those thing mentioned above are very important and you should consider them every time you write a blog post but there are two most important blog writing tips that if you don’t know them you will never get the results you want no matter what. So here are the two most important blog writing tips.

Two most important blog writing tips

Write for a one person

This is the most important blog writing tip I can share with you, when you write your blog post you should always write for a single person.

Imagine you are with your friend and talking to each other, how you will talk to him/her? The same tone you would talk your friend, is the one you should use when you write your blog post.

This will help to make your post relevant to the readers and they will be more inclined to take action if they feel like you wrote it for them.

To get more engagement you need to figure out who is your average reader, what are his/her dislike? What is his/her beliefs? What he/she is struggling from? What he/she want to accomplish? What are the thing holding him/her to reach his/her goals?

If you answer those above questions, it will be easy to attract the right reader and connect with them because they will discover that your blog posts and messages resonates with them and they will always come for more.

Start with a question

Another important blog writing tip is that in your blog posts you should always start with a question. Let say you’re writing a blog post about how to increase conversion rates from affiliate promotion, you could start your blog post with a simple question like ‘’do you want to increase your affiliate income?’’

Your readers they will to answer yes or no, and most people who answer yes they are likely to read the whole post.

Another reason why you should always start your blog post with a question, is that those people who answered yes there are inclined to follow any suggestions you will give them, this is because in their subconscious mind they want to increase their sales (who doesn’t want to increase sales?). And they are likely to buy any product you’re recommending to them.

Those are two most important blog writing tips I learnt this morning, if you have anything to add please feel free to leave the comment below and a tweet or share will be appreciated.

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Bloggers

More than 90% of blogs fail to make impact intended, this is because those owners who started them they lacked something and the blog just died.

They say that success leaves clues and from highly successful bloggers we can learn some of their secrets and we can apply them ourselves and we can become as successful as them.

Highly successful bloggers have a lot of habits that makes them successful but I find these 7 habits a common to all highly successful bloggers.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

They blog in consistent basis

Being consistent is the key to succeed to anything in life, they say that you became what you do in your daily basis and not what you do in once a while.

Most successful bloggers they have a schedule to blog and they stick to it no matter what.

Their passionate about their topic

Most successful bloggers they are passionate about the topic of their blog. The big problem about blogging about a topic you don’t like is that is you’re just doing it for the money, when you find a problem or money is not coming in it is easy to quit.

Also writing for something your passionate about it will make your blogging more fun and enjoyable.

They interact with their readers

Successful bloggers interact with their readers, they do this by replying their readers’ comments, doing surveys, organizing giveaways, webinars etc.

They link to other bloggers

Building link to your website is one of the great way to get high rank in search engines, and most bloggers they don’t want to link to another blogs.

High successful bloggers they give links to another blogs, because for them giving a reader a value is more important than a link.

They brand themselves

Successful bloggers they know how to brand themselves, they know that personal brand is more important and by this way they became authorities.

They are good writers

Blogging is about writing a lot, and if English is a second or third language like me it will be more difficult, but you need to learn how to write if you need to became a successful blogger.

They read a lot

Highly successful bloggers they read a lot, they read from other successful blogs, they read books about their topic, they read motivation books. They say leaders are readers.

If you want to became a successful blogger you need to start reading, this will improve your knowledge in the subject, will increase your vocabulary and your blogging life will become easier.

Those are seven habits of highly successful bloggers, if you want to became a successful blogger yourself you should go and practice them.

Beginners Blogging Tips

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build a profitable online business, if you’re just starting online business the first thing I will recommend to you is to start your own business. In the following article I am going to go through some beginners blogging tips.

beginners blogging tips

Blog about something your passionate about

This is the most common mistake beginners make when they start blogging, they do it for money, there is nothing wrong with it if you have a short term goal, but if you are planning to a long time business, the best way is to blog around your passion.

Blogging around your passion will make it fun and enjoyable, also it will help you to keep going when you face a problem, imagine not making money and doing something you don’t like. So find something you’re passionate about and build your blog around it. There is always a way to monetize it.

Get your own domain name and hosting

If you want to build a serious blog you should avoid by all means using free platforms like blogger. You need to have your own domain name; your domain name should reflect your business. Instead of having you should have I recommend to register your blog name at namecheap.

After having a domain name you will need to host it. If you’re serious about blogging then you should host your blog in a reliable hosting provider, with fast servers and first class support and my highest recommendation will be siteground.

Update it often

Don’t just start a blog and leave it there, you need to update it more often, you need to choose an updating schedule and stick to it. for example, if you want to update your blog every day you should do it every day no matter what. If you can’t do that find a schedule you can follow. This is because when you’re just starting out you don’t have many followers and the few you might have if they came to your blog twice and they don’t find anything they won’t came back again. You don’t want to piss them off.

Get to know your readers

I know a blog it can be very personal but if you’re doing this as a business you need to study your readers and find out what type of content they want.

You can do this by looking which type of your contents get shared the most or get more comments and then produce that type of the content more often and they will love you for it.

Monetize your blog by multiple services

Many new bloggers I know they only monetize their blogs using only AdSense, this is wrong, from my point of view you should monetize your blog from at least two different sources.

There are many ways to monetize your blog, from AdSense, selling ads on your blog, selling affiliate products, list building etc.

Don’t write for google

If you want to build a successful blog you should stop writing for google and search engines and start writing for real human being. This will make your blog grow faster and search engines will reward you for that.

Those are some of beginners blogging tips you can use if you’re just starting blogging, if you want to start a blog or you need any advice about online let me know, just send me an email in the contact us page and I will get back to you.